April has been a great month in terms of ITFA membership. We are pleased to announce the following four new ITFA members:

VTeam Financial Service Group (VTeam Group) is an institution which contributes to Account Receivable and Supply Chain Finance. It was founded in China in 2001. There are 3 major business units in VTeam Group, including Financial Technology BU, Financial Service BU and e-Finance BU.

With the highest market share in financial information solutions in Greater China, VTeam Financial Technology unit is one of the best financial information solution providers in the world. As the leader in Financial Service provider in Greater China, VTeam Financial Service Unit provides enterprise and agriculture finance services in Factoring and Supply Chain Finance. As for the international business, they have more than 20 years’ experience of International Factoring, providing a full range of Domestic/International Factoring services to their clients.

Ms Joyce Yang will be the main delegate for all ITFA related matters. 

BMCE Bank International Plc is authorized and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The Bank’s principal activities are Corporate and Investment Banking, focused on trade, structured and project finance and corporate lending for target customers based in Africa or with an interest in the region, and Treasury and Capital Markets, focusing on currency and interest rate markets of the region.

Mr Gustavo Seco will be the main delegate for all ITFA related matters.

Zurich Credit and Political Risks provides cover for investors, banks, contractors, and other firms with exposure in emerging markets from risks that can potentially end their operation including expropriation, political violence, currency inconvertibility, contract frustration, and non-honouring of sovereign, state-owned enterprise or privately-owned debt.

Ms Amy Clarke will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

Banco Cooperativo Espanol (BCE) is the bank services provider for CAJA RURAL, its shareholders, a group of 29 cooperative bank operating in the Spanish financial market with more than 2,350 outlets and 8,300 employees.

Looking for synergies, the group centralises in BCE many essential activities, services and procedures such as:

 – Connection to Spanish Clearance System
 – Connection to the European Clearing System: SEPA, EBA Step-2, Target 2
 – Correspondent Banking 
 – Compliance with AML, CTF, and KYC regulations
 – Access to SWIFT network
 – Treasury, FX, Money Markets, Securities, Private Banking

 – Legal Advisory

According to this structure, BCE concentrates the liquidity, implements the investment strategies, manages the trade finance transactions and channels the incoming and outgoing payment flows of the whole group.

Mr Antonio Mudarra Esquina will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.