ITFA is proud to welcome 2 new members:

Crowdz is a Silicon Valley-based company rethinking invoices, cash flow and trade finance. With a digitized 24/7 global invoiceXchange and B2B payments gateway we are replacing outdated manual practices with the financial services industry’s first end-to-end invoice solution. Crowdz is a FinTech on a mission to help small and mid-sized companies thrive by increasing their access to cash flow through a 24/7 global invoiceXchange, a platform of invoices for sellers, buyers and funders using blockchain. Our technology uses Ethereum to address challenges like KYC, AML, title ownership to maintain a tamperproof and fully transparent single source of truth to the funders who are the source of liquidity for the now unlocked asset class. We enable the new digital assets to be created and allow for their syndication through the Crowdz 24/7 global invoiceXchange.

Izabela Czepirska will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

Verifeasy is a platform, making trade finance quicker, cheaper and safer by automating documentary credits compliance checks.

Arnaud Doly will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.