Bayerische Landesbank in Nuremberg was so kind to host the ITFA GRC Workshop at their premises and Peter Graetz, Head of Trade Export Finance welcomed the 36 participants before Irene Port, ITFA GRC chair opened the workshop.

For several years now, the ITFA GRC fall event offers the opportunity to exchange views on a wide range of topics, which can be submitted by the participating institutions prior to the event.

The board members (Christine Borusiak, Silja Calac, Irene Port and Oliver Pfaff) guided through the agenda consisting of latest updates regarding BAFT MRPA, regulatory issues (e.g. KYC, sanctions, e-signatures), questions on Forfaiting (e.g. discontinuation of LIBOR), as well as queries and updates on Insurance and Fintech.

Many thanks to all participants for their active contributions and the lively discussions regarding all topics on the agenda. We received consistently positive feedback on the workshop and this encourages us to continue with this same format next year.

The final point on the agenda was the election of Thomas Krieger (Commerzbank AG) as new board member of the ITFA GRC. He replaces Stefan Fett, who left Commerzbank AG and the ITFA GRC in summer. Thomas Krieger has been elected by the members of the ITFA GRC and we would like to welcome him as new member of the ITFA GRC board.