ITFA FINTECHS ON STAGE AT ANZ IN SYDNEY by André Casterman, ITFA Board Member, Chair of the ITFA Fintech Committee and CMO, INTIX

Following a busy Sibos week, some of the ITFA fintechs (6 out of 11) got together at ANZ in Sydney to showcase their value propositions and to demonstrate their desire to collaborate with regional and local financial institutions. The “Bank – Fintech” collaboration mindset was high on the agenda.

SWIFT’s annual conference – Sibos – took place in Sydney this year. Having attended Sibos since 1999, I consider this SWIFT-hosted event as the world-class global banking gathering. After so many years, I remain amazed at the quality of the exhibition and of the conference programme. Since 2016, I have attended Sibos with a “fintech” hat demonstrating to banks how they can benefit from INTIX data management technology.

Following the busy Sibos week which started on Sunday October 21st with the informative BAFT Global Councils Forum, a dozen of us representing the fintech space pursued our educational and marketing efforts on Friday to reach out to local AU/NZ institutions. Addressing an audience of 60 local bankers and credit insurers, a team of 6 ITFA-registered fintechs gathered at ANZ Tower in Sydney city centre. The goal was to present and debate the opportunities for incumbent institutions to leverage their advanced technologies and/or community platforms.

The 6 fintechs present on the day were the following ones – all active within the ITFA community:

Mark Evans, Managing Director and Head of Transaction Banking at ANZ kicked off the event followed by Damian Kwok, Head of Trade and Supply Chain – AU, NZ and Pacific and Head of Portfolio Management, ANZ.

Damian said: “It is very exciting to see the momentum in the digitisation of trade which will not only unlock future financing potential but also support the creation of necessary infrastructure to promote this asset class. It is fantastic to bring together a collection of industry leaders who are able to share their insights and perspectives to the local community and fuel new opportunities.”

As Mark said on a recent Finextra Sibos interview: “… we don’t need to manufacture everything ourselves, so working in partnerships with a lot of these fintechs and a lot of the innovative thinking that they are bringing to the table is something we really want to do. Our customers are asking us to do that …”.

On behalf of the ITFA Board, I then introduced the history and mission of the ITFA as well as the 6 fintechs that were present on the day. I mapped them to the ITFA Fintech ecosystem as per below:

I also shared some recent thoughts to help the audience distinguish fintechs from traditional solution providers. Key message was that incumbent institutions do not take much risk when adopting fintech propositions whilst the benefit could be key to support their business development. Mapping the fintech capabilities to your own strategy is a critical pre-requisite before considering adoption.

Two panel debates followed introductory remarks and focused on the following market segments: origination and distribution.

Panel 1 Origination – Re-inventing trade finance operations with technology platforms and blockchain to automate trade finance and address the trade finance gap with Joshua Cohen, Managing Director, Mitigram; Leon Scott, Head of Operations APAC, TradeIX; Mark Borton, Head Transactional and Trade Asia, National Australia Bank (NAB); Phil Cubbin, Head of Trade and Supply Chain Operations, ANZ

Panel 2 Distribution – Automating distribution with data and trading technologies to attract new liquidity investors with Marc Braet, Founder and CEO, INTIX; Mattia Tomba, Head of Asia, Tradeteq; Kah Chye Tan, Chairman, CCRManager and Ramaswamy Madhavan, Chief Strategy Officer, TradeAssets.

The event generated much debate on new ways to automate trade finance and distribute assets to capital market institutions.

The event concluded with final remarks by Mark Evans and Damian Kwok.

ANZ was a great host and the collaboration between the ITFA fintech committee and the ITFA AU/NZ regional committee proved to be an effective and enjoyable experience. The ITFA fintech committee looks forward to organising additional technology focused events around the world in 2019.

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ITFA Fintech Contact List

  • INTIX: André Casterman, CMO, andre.casterman AT
  • TradeIX: Oliver Belin, CMO, oliverb AT
  • LiquidX: David Venables, Director, dvenables AT
  • TrustBills: Markus Wohlgeschaffen, SVP Client Solutions, mwohlgeschaffen AT
  • Tradeteq: Nils Behling, Co-founder and CFO, nbehling AT
  • CCRManager: Ka-Kit Man, CEO, mankakit AT
  • Mitigram: Benoît Steinbach, MD Sales Continental Europe,
  • Levantor: Edward Till, Principal, edward.till AT
  • Toredo: Chris Hall, Senior Underwriter, ChristopherE.Hall AT
  • Interlinkages Online: Anindita, CEO, anindita AT
  • TradeAssets: Sumit Roy, President and CMO, sumit AT
  • Demica: Maurice Benisty, Chief Commercial Officer, maurice.benisty AT