Companies exporting to emerging & developing markets are facing tightening bank financing conditions due to increased obligor & country risks that are restricting their growth potential, as well as having difficulty in finding the right funding partners to finance their export receivables. Also, a limited awareness of the benefits of trade credit insurance and how to access it is resulting in lost sales opportunities due to the lack of obligor credit lines and reduced competitiveness.

The Fineon Exchange platform helps exporters increase their cross-border sales and improve their cash flow, while minimising risk, by matching them with the right funders and credit insurers that have in-depth market knowledge of emerging & developing markets, which enables them to better asses the credit-risks involved, resulting in optimised funding and insurance. The platform uses the latest technologies, such as its Artificial Intelligence Robo-Adviser to assist exporters in structuring the optimal tailor-made deal that matches the exporters working capital needs with the most efficient and creative financing options through innovative rating & scoring techniques.

The FINEON Exchange platform can be used by 1) Exporters who are selling goods to emerging & developing markets, looking for ways to: free cash locked in their balance sheet; accelerate payment; reduce the pressure on their working capital and secure new sources of funding, 2) Funders who are seeking to improve returns on their capital, looking to diversify their trade finance portfolios, are interested in accessing new cross-border opportunities, looking for a controlled risk environment and aiming to gain important market intelligence insights on desired markets and 3)Insurers who are seeking to increase their local, regional & international market share and diversify and expand their trade credit insurance portfolios.

The advantages of the FINEON Exchange platform are:

  • Global reach: Exporters can sell their export receivable portfolios, fund export receivables that are out of reach to their existing funders and access a global and stable diversified pool of funders. Funders can access a rich spectrum of credit insured international receivables.
  • Flexibility: Exporters can adjust their receivable portfolio selling conditions and volumes to meet their needs. Funders can build their own mix of receivable portfolio as they see fit. Onboarding for all is fast and simple.
  • Security: All receivable portfolios and companies undergo stringent due diligence and credit selection procedures; transactions are covered by credit insurance.
  • Transparency: No hidden costs, no surprise fees, no complex conditions, reporting through online dashboards.

FINEON Exchange’s overarching purpose is to leverage its platform’s advisory, matchmaking and receivables trading capabilities among its stakeholders, to provide working capital optimisation, market intelligence and enhanced credit insurance coverage, thereby increasing its stakeholders’ international competitiveness and sales.

As depicted below, the platform is optimising trade finance origination through Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Consult www.fineon.net for more information.